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My professional experience and unique approach will incorporate the body’s natural movement and limitations to your bicycle and lifestyle. I am fascinated by the body and its movement in a pain-free zone and I personally work with each client to help them achieve their individual athletic goals.


Bike Fit

All bike fits at IrmFit are based on a thorough pre-fit examination by myself.  Your bike will be fitted based on the natural movement patterns and range of motion to suit your style of riding and optimize comfort and performance. Each new bike fit takes 1.5h – 2h with a FREE 1-hour follow-up 3 – 4 weeks after the fit should something require a tweak.



1 x Bike = R900 (2hr)

2 x Bikes = R1150 (2.5hr)

Kids (under 16y) = R300 (30min)


At IrmFit each massage treatment, I assess what the body is capable of. Based on the findings, I use one or a combination of deep tissue, scar reduction, trigger point release, fascia release and relaxation massages to remove your pain.



1 x Therapy Session = R350 (45min)


SP 8.0


SP 6.0

SP 4.0

Athlete Testimonials

As an athlete and a person I’m extremely interested in how I can get the most out of myself.  With Compex I can challenge myself in ways I never thought possible.  In the end, I want to explore my limits and see what I’m capable of doing.  Is anyone else as curious as I am?

Andy Potts – Triathlete

In the beginning, I used Compex primarily to recover after races and hard training, and then I discovered it had other uses and actually after some injuries, I started to use it for my rehabilitation, to rebuild muscle and joints. From there I started to use it also for strength training. So from using it only for recovery I now I use it for rehab and strength.

Kilian Jornet – Trail Running

Compex is vital training recovery after races and hard sessions and for more efficient strength and core training.




Landie Greyling – Trail Running
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We now stock ergonomic cycling products

Ergonomic Saddles


Ergonomic Innerbarends

Ergonomic Grips

Painful sitbones

    • Lack of familiarization
    • The saddle is too soft and riding time often exceeds 30 minutes
    • Saddle shape doesn't fit the anatomy


    • Ride regularly, at least once a week
    • Get firmer saddle
    • Get a seat bone measurement
    • Try a different shape

Numbness on Genitals

  • Numbness often appears as a symptom of compressed nerves and/or reduced blood flow in the perineal area.

  • Special nerves and blood vessels in the perineal area of men are responsible for the erection. If the blood supply to these is reduced or they are compressed for any extended periods of time, this can lead to reduced sexual performance. This process is reversible, as after a long period off the bike this process is usually reversed and the usual sexual performance returns.

  • Caution!   The problem can become chronicle. Numbness is an alarm signal! Those who listen to their body can minimize the risks so that the positive effects of training prevail. Cycling is a fantastic heart-circulation-training and hence improves sexual performance.

how to choose a saddle

Measurement of sit bones

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